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3D Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess)

We all know what Chess960 is (on wikipedia, … which it goes on to say, ”
Fischer’s goal was to eliminate what he considered the complete dominance of openings preparation in classical chess, replacing it with creativity and talent. … Fischer believed that eliminating memorized book moves would level the playing field.”). The game is gaining in popularity but some might say why change or, there could be problems with the new. Those questions are dealt with at

So with the above thought in mind, how would that apply to 3D Chess? It would be called ‘3D Chess960’. It would be the same as Chess960 but it would be played on two boards as seen in the other posts below. There would still be 16 opening moves (that does not exist in regular 2D or on flat board game) but without the predefined possible classic openings.

The game would officially be called ‘Chess960 – The Next Generation’ (based on ‘Chess – The Next Generation‘) The game would look like this:

The pieces have already been placed randomly.

Take a look at the box being opened up and then the whole game being put together (sped-up).

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