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3D PG (things in 3D)

These pages are mainly all about things in 3D. It could be a photos that requires those red/cyan glasses or it could be games that we all have come to know but are now have become 3D (requiring further instruction) such as:

The above pages have been redesigned (although they’re still there). – Here are the redesigned pages:

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed the new look as I do but more importantly, I hope you enjoy playing the games well all come to know but that are now in 3D! — (What is 3D?)

If you wanted, you could even buy one of these boards
After all, there is a reason to play games in 3D.

My background consists of more than just designing websites/pages since about 2000 but also being able to place websites on the 1st page of search engines. Also designing websites with SEO in mind. If I had time I would be playing mandolin, guitar, sax, keyboard, hiking, biking, well the list could go on, but time has failed me right now. I would actually need to live forever to do and accomplish all that I would like to do.

Well folks, I’d like to say more,
But I’ll have to save it for another day,
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Thanks for reading, and come back another day.

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