Whats the Value in playing Chess / or similar games?

Chess is the most widely known game and the most studied game in the world. There have been literally thousands of scientific studies concerning this game. For example:

quadcitychess.com/benefits_of_chess.html lists some of the studies. At the bottom of the above link, it shows:

-develops memory
-improves concentration
-develops logical thinking
-promotes imagination and creativity
-teaches independence
-develops the capability to predict and
    foresee consequences of actions
-inspires self-motivation
-shows that success rewards hard work
-develops the scientific way of thinking
-improves schoolwork and grades
-is cheap
-is FUN!
Chess is Everything!

The site below talks about ADHD, ADD, and dyslexia and how the game of chess helped.

It goes into an incrediable amount information and other links

At-any-rate, the reason I’m writing this is because if chess is that good, how much more so, when playing 3D Chess on two levels. It’s not difficult. In fact it’s easier to play and takes the same amount of moves/time to play. At the same time though, it teaches someone to think dimensionally or spacial thinking. After all the world is in 3D. These studies would therefore also apply in part to other similar games such as Checkers and Shogi. I have a website that shows these games in 3D: dimensionalized.com/game/index.php or buy my book (10xx) which goes into much detail on how to play these games and others in 3D: stores.lulu.com (where I’m known as 3dPaul).

Believe me, I’m not saying this just for the fun of it. But the above information really works. Others have said, after playing a few games in 3D, they did not want to go back to a regular flat board. You don’t have to be a master at these games to reap the rewards as mentioned in the list above.

Give it a try.


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  1. Thanks for making this point! I have long believed in the value of playing chess and teach it to every child I can!


  2. PS I want to use your bullet point list above in a book and need your reference info. Can you send it to me please?


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