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Getting Feedback from Viewers/Players

You know alot of people read my page on 3D Chess – The Next Generation. In fact I’ve been watching and it seems that it is about between 7 and 15 visits to the above link every day. But what I’ve been wondering, does anyone play the game or are they just looking? I was wondering how I might get feed back?  I have noticed that the military from all over the world have looked at the page and Universities and Schools through out North America along with those who are hidden have come to that page. Is it benifiting anyone? It’s not difficult to set up nor time consuming to play (45min). In fact it is quite exciting to play. So how does one get feedback as to what they think of the game etc.?

Would anyone out there have any suggestions? I have already posted a poll with 5 responses since Feb.2007 and a ‘rate-this-page’ click a star 1-5 with three clicks.  Perhaps I’m not the only one or may be I’m going about all wrong. 

Thinking that perhaps it was to difficult to understand, I created another page that shows how the game is played visually. Perhaps they don’t read english. In that case it would be best done by the use of pictures which covers everybodys language.

Well, I can’t think of anything else to say. So if someone has a comment, I look forward to reading it.

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