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Google or Yahoo

Google is not good for me any more. I use to be #1 on the 1st page, but they change their algorithm WEEKLY.

So now I tell people go to Yahoo and type in ‘3D Chess’ I am about #9 on the 1st page.  If you type in:  ‘3D Chess Rules’   I am #1 on the 1st page.

A search engine should be consistant so that you can tell people how to find the information.

I guess I should quickly update these statements (Aug.2007). Back in late July I figured out that google does not like FLASH and/or IFRAMES. By doing a *test* on the server side for a search engine robot. Let the robot see what it want to see, *ELSE* show flash and iframes to people. That about says it in a nutshell because now if you type in ’3D Chess Rules’ in google I am back on the 1st page and in about #4 position. Which is still very good in my opinion.

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